About me

I am a computer science undergraduate at IIITH, currently (2024, fifth-year of my dual degree program) working on adiabatic quantum computing advised by Prof Shantanav Chakraborty and Prof Indranil Chakrabarty. Also, I often go by my nickname Arjo and can be found playing valorant when bored.

Main quests

I am a pretty random person and have tried my hands at a lot of things including football and japanese calligraphy (I suck at it). Some things you are obliged to do to survive. Some things are fun but do not stick. Some things are panache. And some provide a sense of being alive, awareness beyond routine life. They are the main quests.

  • Research and Engineering: To me an endeavour to understand and create is just as much bound in romance and passion as in reason and rationale. Regarding fields I am interested in, I tend to sway between physics (now: quantum computing, post-quantum gravity), computation (now: machine learning, complexity theory) and political economy.
  • Writing: If there's anything the deserves to be called divine, then it's for sure stories which have shaped, steered and instilled meaning in us.

Side quests

  • Professional Poker: I play mostly NLH cash games since good tournament games are hard to come by. Planning on playing WPT and WSOP someday.
  • Competitive Programming: My goto during second and third year of college. Restarted again in May 2024.
  • Chess: Started playing chess very recently (weeks ago xD). I mostly play on chesscom.
  • Wrestling: Preparing to start the belt route in jiu-jutsu.